Bored Feeding Bears? Invest in these 15x Cryptos with Real Potential: Loopring, Gnox & Zilliqa

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Loopring Crypto chart

Whether you’re a casual investor or a Wall Street hotshot, you’ve probably heard the phrase “don’t feed the bear.” The basic idea is that when the market is struggling and down on its luck, it’s best not to give it any more money. Just let it starve until it figures things out.

Loopring (LRC), Gnox (GNOX) & Zilliqa (ZIL) are amongst the most exciting altcoins for several reasons, how does a 15x return sound?

The bear market is doing what the bear market does best and shaking out weak hands. People who over-leveraged themselves or perhaps those who bought purely on hype are being severely punished as the market continues to plummet. More and more sell orders hit the market, crypto exchanges become insolvent, and the macroeconomic storm continues to brew. This will be a protracted and arduous bear market for many investors. But those who survive it and continue to hold will be rewarded. This article features three crypto projects to hedge against the bear market and bring some life to your portfolio.

Gnox (GNOX)

First on the list is Gnox. A protocol currently in its presale phase and scheduled to launch in Q3 on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Gnox has been ignoring prevailing market conditions, and its price has risen by more than 60% in the last month alone. And there is no sign this upwards trajectory is slowing.

Gnox is a perfect bear market hold because of its residual income. It pays its investor in stablecoin every month, and holders receive an automatic redistribution of GNOX every hour. The project seems perfectly built for long-term holders, and with the protocol’s unique treasury, many investors are betting on its future success.

Gnox’s treasury is funded by buy and sell taxes included in GNOX’s tokenomics and then utilised in DeFi (decentralised finance) protocols to generate yield. The generated proceeds are paid out to investors, but the principal sum of the treasury remains untouched; in fact, it accumulates capital with the influx from any trading activity on the GNOX token. Theoretically, this protocol will begin to deliver greater and greater stablecoin reflections to investors with a stratagem called Hold To Earn. Early investors are betting on Gnox’s long-term potential, and from an analytic standpoint, they are making a brilliant decision.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB is second on the list, and this is a project investors would be foolish to underestimate. It is often neglected because of its reputation as a ‘Meme Coin’; however, its past performance has forced investors to consider it more fairly. SHIB made a dramatic rally in 2021, and the probability it will go on to make another large rally is high.

Shiba Inu has its own ecosystem centred around the protocol Shibaswap. Here investors can stake SHIB and the other ecosystem tokens: LEASH & BONE. SHIB gives investors a passive income source throughout the bear market, and they can continue strengthening their portfolios. Shiba Inu has also engaged in a massive token burn programme, drastically lowering supply, which naturally leads to price appreciation.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash came into existence in 2017 and resulted from the first hard fork from the Bitcoin network. The dispute centred around block size and scalability worries. Bitcoin Cash addresses the flaws of Bitcoin, primarily its lack of scalability and low throughput, and has become an electronic cash payment system giving it far greater everyday utility than BTC.

BCH currently trades at $110, and for people who believe in the coming mass-market adoption and the growing need for a more convenient, faster, and cost-efficient payment system within crypto. Bitcoin Cash is an obvious investment.

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