Gamestop NFT Marketplace Now Live on Loopring Layer2 | Creators & Collectors Save Huge ETH Gas Fees July 2022

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Loopring are very excited to announce that Gamestop NFT marketplace is now live on Loopring Layer 2. The first iteration of Gamestop’s NFT marketplace launched on 11th July this year using Ethereum’s network only for minting and collectors. The gas fees on Ethereum’s mainnet are very costly to both creators and collectors, now they can mint their NFTs directly on Loopring’s Layer 2 network, saving a bundle on gas fees.

The game has changed, NFT creators, buyers, and sellers are no longer constrained by costly gas fees. Now anyone can trade and mint NFTs for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing on security.

While most of the popular NFT marketplace’s launched today are live on Ethereum, they have been very cost prohibitive for the average creator and NFT collector.

GameStop NFT comes straight out of the box on top of Ethereum’s second layer, enabling minting and trading at approximately 100x lower cost relative to Layer 1.


The GameStop marketplace scales NFTs without compromising on UX or security. This is because zkRollups are well suited to support NFTs. On Loopring, users don’t need to wait for a challenge period to withdraw their NFTs, or have to rely on any new validator sets as zkRollups inherit Ethereum security guarantees.

Get Started

First, connect your favorite wallet on the homepage here.

Now you’re free to check out some of the cool new features that GameStop NFT enables 👇

Explore NFTs

Explore and discover NFTs from all of your favorite new GameStop creators or search for specific collections from creators you already know.

Buying + Selling NFTs

GameStop NFT makes buying and selling NFTs easier than ever.

All you have to do to enable buying and selling on the new GameStop Marketplace is to connect your favorite wallet and fund your Loopring L2 account to get started.

How to Buy an NFT

After signing in with your L2 wallet, click the NFT you would like to purchase and then hit ‘buy now’. Once the transaction is approved, the NFT is stored in your wallet and is available for trading.

How to Sell an NFT

Go to your collection, click on the NFT that you want to sell. Underneath the ‘Manage NFT’ section, click ‘List for sale’ which appears below ‘Actions’.

Simply fill in what price you want to list the NFT for and click ‘List for sale’ again to complete the listing.

Note: It costs nothing to list an item for sale on the marketplace. Fees are only collected and distributed once an item is sold.

Connect your GameStop Wallet to Loopring web app

Simply connect your GameStop Wallet to the Loopring L2 web app here.

We’ve made a full video guide for you to follow step-by-step on exactly how to setup a new GameStop Wallet as well as show you some of the functionality it enables on Loopring L2. Check out the full video guide here.

Find your Community

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Check out our active Discord server here, our official Reddit here or follow and tag us on Twitter here!

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