Loopring Launches New Grants For Creators and Early Adopters

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Introducing a new round of Loopring Grants, this time aimed at Community Creators building tools, apps, and educational content that have contributed to the growth of the Loopring L2 ecosystem.

We are kicking off this new program by awarding some special contributors who have been a big part of the Loopring Community over the past months and have built some amazing tools, apps and games to help educate and spur the adoption of Loopring L2.

Grant Recipients:

— Fudgey

— sk33z3r.eth

— Chef Goldblum

— Dodg

— TheSpottedBuffy

— itsmonty.eth

Recipients will receive special “Loopring Legends” status on our public community Discord as well as receive a Grant, paid out in LRC to their Loopring L2 wallets.

Community Projects Spotlight

Check out some of the cool projects that have been built for the Loopring L2 ecosystem over the past months:

⭐️The Lexplorer — lexplorer.io

⭐️The Puzzle Gang — thepuzzlegang.com

⭐️Loopalikes — loopalikes.club

⭐️LoopMintSharp — batch minting tool on Loopring L2

⭐️Fix for solving failed NFT Mints — community code contribution

Future Grants


We want to reward creative content producers or builders creating things to help grow the Loopring L2 ecosystem. We are currently specifically looking to give grants to people creating:​

🌀YouTube tutorials + guides to help spur L2 adoption

🌀NFT projects to help bring more creators or users into the Loopring L2 NFT ecosystem

🌀Tools or websites/apps to help other L2 users + help grow the ecosystem

🌀 or Contributing code to help fix minor bugs in Loopring products


Get involved in the community and get noticed! Join our Discord, Reddit, or tag us on Twitter. Show us your content, tools or projects and get involved with other community members and we will notice you :)​

Winners of the grants will receive special “Loopring Legend” status in Discord as well as a special LRC reward paid to your Loopring L2 wallet.​

To stay up-to-date on the latest criteria, keep an eye on: loopringgrants.org

We aim to award active community members with these Grants every quarter, so get involved and show us what you can create!

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