Loopring News: Gamestop Crypto Wallet Update V0.8.0 | ENS Domain, NFT Grouping & More

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Gamestopp Loopring Lens Wallet Update

Gamestop’s own crypto wallet, powered by Loopring and the engine of the Gamestop NFT marketplace is being updated very regularly. Still in Beta, but the latest version, v0.8.0 has some significant new features, so what are they and most importantly, what’s in it for wallet holders?

Updates (V0.8.0)

  • Wallet Recovery – Now users can select multiple accounts to recover and see ETH balances to help identify accounts with value
  • Group NFTs – Have tons of NFTs? You can now create groups for them to better organize them.
  • Unstoppable domains – Enter unstoppable (ie test.loopring.eth) in address fields when sending tokens or NFTs
  • Bug Fixes – Custom tokens and their balances are displaying correctly for the top 500 by market
  • UI Improvement – Signing popups are improved to show more information.

The GameStop crypto wallet uses Loopring which is a Layer 2 protocol that sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This technology is supposed to offer faster transaction speeds and lower costs. It’s also supposed to be self-custodial and interoperable. It is important to remember that the wallet requires a password and a 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase. There are also a few cons such as losing receipts using this wallet.

Signifcant change history

Below is a quick rundown of the signifcant updates over the past few versions

Updates (V0.7.0)

  • Pay Fees with LRC Token on Loopring – ETH/ERC20 transfers, NFT transfers, and account activation fees can now be paid with LRC while on Loopring Layer 2.
  • Hide NFTs – Hide NFTs to prevent them from appearing in your main viewing area.
  • Various bug fixes – Performance improvements and bug fixes impacting a small number of users.

Updates (V0.6.9)

  • ImmutableX Layer 2 Support – Select ImmutableX Layer 2 to activate, view balances, transfer tokens and NFTs, and more.d with LRC while on Loopring Layer 2.
  • NFT Search – Search and find specific NFTs directly from the NFT Tab.
  • Various bug fixes – Performance improvements and bug fixes impacting a small number of users.