Loopring Outperforms Crypto Market Sunday August 7th – Investor Observer Gives LRC Sentiment Score of ‘Very Bullish’

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Loopring over the weekend was up 12% in a 24 hour period, Investor Observer has given it a bullish sentiment rating. The LRC token is up 3.36% while the whole crypto market is down 0.37%. As of Monday August 8th, the last 5 days Loopring has risen a massive 19.9%.

Loopring LRC up 19.9% in the last 5 days
Loopring LRC up 19.9% in the last 5 days

Very Bullish

Over the last five days, Loopring has earned a Very Bullish rating on the InvestorsObserver Sentiment Score. The Sentiment Score measures the performance of Loopring over the past five days by volume and price movement.

The Sentiment Score provides a quick, short-term look at the crypto’s recent performance. This can be useful for both short-term investors looking to ride a rally and longer-term investors trying to buy the dip.

Price Levels

Loopring is currently trading near its five-day high of $0.457950244126225. The token is 1.06% off its five-day high and is 15.88% higher than its five-day low of $0.39098072052002.

Loopring price is currently above resistance. With support set around $0.432214904384034 and resistance at $0.444439697818177, Loopring is potentially in a volatile position if the rally burns out.

Loopring has traded on low volume recently. This means that today’s volume is below its average volume over the past seven days.  Check out Loopring’s price for predictions and potential catalyts which may affect price action.

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